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Black business women are a quickly growing demographic of entrepreneurs in Writer/Author/Publisher/Speaker, Garden Guides Press.

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Love her name and it fits her to a tee! Fate steps in and takes over when rocker meets lyricist who isn't easy prey. She's wise to his ways and the ways of his world. But he's not accustomed to getting shut down. Together these two are combustible, and the power of attraction and need may win this battle before it even begins. From their very first meeting, the game is on and feelings of something extra-special take root. So, pay close attention to the Prologue which holds its own hidden meaning.

It sets the mood for what follows. Of course, there must be some drama and a dash of nasty angst added to the sweet and mellow, altogether enriching the mood and romance. The author distinguishes this one from others with the unexpected use of syncopation into the regular flow of this soundtrack.

A romance that breaks free from predictable compositions to steal your heart. I've never outgrown my addiction for the unattainable rock star fantasy. And I've gone through many rock star romance tropes through the years. Some have been right on key -- others totally sour notes, but Zing! Went the strings of my heart when Wolf and his band took center stage, and I found true harmony between Lyric and Wolf in every verse. Using the alternating duo POVs is another expression of change in octave to the composition — and one I always applaud.

I was thoroughly fangirling and a completely satisfied fan of author, characters and story. Music - the universal language of love - is a form of conversation between Lyric and Wolf. This author uses all the notes on the scale to compose a rhapsody of romance -- sure to delight readers searching for that BRAVO performance. With an unsung ending, you'll be begging for another chorus NOW! But you'll have to wait for the final encore of this amazing duet, when Destined Hearts is scheduled for concert on July 24, View all 7 comments.

K Allen totally blew my mind with this Rockstar book. Dangerous Hearts had the perfect combination of angst, romance and music. Once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down. Hop on the Wolf tour bus and I promise you will have a blast. Take notes because this duet series will steal your heart. Lyric Cassidy has always been surrounded by music. Both her parents are musicians and I guess you can say that Lyric's love for music com 4. Both her parents are musicians and I guess you can say that Lyric's love for music comes from deep within her veins.

She's a clandestine song writer, she only writes music that never see the light of day because she's not interested in the spotlight. Writing music is her way of dealing with the emotions inside her heart. And because music is a vital part of her life she has settled for a job as tour manager for a record company.

Her last tour ended badly when her boyfriend of two years cheated on her with her best friend. That of course is until she meets the one and only Wolf in person. From the moment they meet sparks fly but they both immediately reject the strong reaction. Wolf can tell that Lyric is a good girl who is looking for a prince charming and he is anything but that, and Lyric simply can go through another Rockstar romance that will for sure break her heart.

There won't be much these two can do, when Wolf and Lyric find themselves stuck inside that tour bus everyday. And lucky for us we go along for the ride as they battle a delicious romance that will tingle all of your senses. This is a extremely well written Rockstar romance, that is angsty and totally addictive. Trust me when I tell you that once you finish the book you will be begging for more. View all 4 comments. May 25, Carolyn Reilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemp-romance , reviews , new-adult. Great characters, big emotions and that ending!

I'm not a big fan of cliffhangers but as Dangerous Hearts is part of a duet I came prepared. Can't wait to find out where Wolf und Lyric's journey will lead them. May 27, KristaReadsRomance rated it it was amazing. If you love rocker romances, then you're in for a treat with this duology.

It was witty, fun and charming while also being sexy and seductive. I devoured these books way too fast and I can't wait to pick up another book by KK Allen. Music is my everything. What carries me through the storms of my life … like the one that just passed. After having her heart-broken by a bad boy rocker, Lyric was determined she wouldn't fall for Wolf Chapman's charms.

He was the lead singer of the world-famous band she was going to manage and go on tour with. Not only was he another bad boy, but he was a serious player. Sure he was beyond gorgeous and crazy talented, but his reputation had Lyric's walls up high. Her heart would not be broken again. My hand shoots out and smacks his chest. He laughs, but catches my hand. I was just starting to like you. When I try to pull away he tugs me closer and wraps his hand around mine. His nose runs a line from my ear down my neck, and then he presses his lips into the soft spot at its base.

I try to ignore the shiver that ripples through me, laughing instead as I try to push him away. I liked Lyric right from the start. She was strong-willed, a hard worker, kind and amazingly talented. Lyric wrote songs that were beautifully breathtaking and they spoke deep into my soul. Yet that talent was just one of the many secrets that she kept hidden. And she didn't just guard her secrets, but her heart too. After being hurt by people, I got why she was standoffish when she met Wolf. She had already been there and didn't want to go down that road again.

But Wolf was hard to ignore. And even harder to resist. I want Lyric beneath me, wrapped around me, slipping and sliding with me until her moans turn to screams.

My Gender Work was Stolen in the Children’s Book Industry

I fucking want her. And I want her words, too. Her angry lyrics, her vulnerable confessions. I want it all. One night stands, alcohol and music was what filled his life.

See a Problem?

He didn't date and he definitely didn't fall in love. But the more I got to see who he truly was, oh wow, I fell hard. I absolutely loved Wolf. He was caring, sweet, thoughtful and so much more than he portrayed to the world. And I loved that he was brutally honest with us, we got to hear all of his thoughts.

But with Lyric in the picture now, his world was slowly going to start to change. His words seep into my cracked exterior and soak my heart, turning it to mush. Once the tour started, it was obvious that he wanted her and she wanted him. And as they started to work together and get to know each other, a tentative friendship was formed.

But Lyric and Wolf had both been damaged from their pasts, so every step forward was touching to watch. Their journey was extremely emotional , especially since they both had so much to learn. But Lyric had more to learn and she frustrated me a few times. We learn why she is the way she is in the next book and I was thankful that I got to understand her a lot better. He leans in closer so I can feel his cheek just barely scrape mine.

With a stuttered breath, I take his words and accept them, pull away from his warmth, and walk away without looking back. So yes, I definitely recommend this duology! There was friendship, romance, rock n roll, the excitement of the concerts and we got to see everything that happened backstage, on the bus and in the hotels eeps. On top of all of that, this book had some of the most scorching hot scenes. So definitely pick this one up if you adore romance and rocker stories, you don't want to miss out!

For more of my reviews, please visit May 19, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: nr I didn't pay attention and see that this is a duet: I loved Lyric and Wolf but that ending made me roll my eyeballs!! So many words I want to say. I loved this story. For me, it's always hit or miss when it comes to Rock Star type books. I either love them or I just can't seem to connect. She had me completely entwined with these characters. It had just enough angst, to compliment the swooning, just enough build out, to lead to the fiery Passion, just enough heartbreak to make me feel like I was right there in between the pages of this book.

Lyric and Wolf will be working t So many words I want to say. Lyric and Wolf will be working together. She's the new road Manager for this big time band. Wolf is the lead singer, who just so happens to be drop dead gorgeous. Lyric has plans to stay professional, especially with everything she went through with her last relationship.

These two start out as friends but down the line cannot deny the connection, the passion, the dangerous hearts. Allen takes you on a journey of every one of those emotions. She also leaves you with heart ache and heartbreak. I was running away from one thing that was bad for my heart, and I ran smack into another.

Book 2. Those are the only words traveling through my brain at the moment. I cannot get enough, I'm so completely, over the top, can't stop, won't stop, in LOVE with these characters. Where are you?! Allen is book one in A Stolen Melody Duet. It is a rocker romance. She's dated rockstar. She's been burned by But, she loves this musician world. Traveling with a band, managing their road trips, its invigorating She can keep in touch with her musician roots, She can keep in touch with her musician roots, without being consumed by them.

This rule of thumb has held true until Wolf. Lyric is my light, my water, my soil, my sun. And then fate I love a rocker romance novel that can bring in the musicality of the industry, serve up the heat, and sink into my heart. Dangerous Hearts did this, and more. Lyric and Wolf were two fabulous characters. Each trying to overcome their past by going a million miles an hour on the present. Everything after that left cute in the dust and put sexy in the main focus of vision. The race was on, and it was HOT! Wolf and Lyric had chemistry that made you want to push them together and never let them move.

With every exploration, a new level of desire was met, and a new layer of these characters was exposed. The mix of highs and lows dispersed between lust and admiration made for the perfect combination of angst and pleasure. Come to find out, the only dangerous heart around here belongs to me. View 2 comments. Jun 07, Grey rated it liked it Shelves: stars. This is my first K. Allen book No spoilers here, but I will say, there was a bazinga of a cliffhanger at the end of this book that kind of threw me a bit.

I had gotten wrapped up in my own head and didn't read the promo link well enough, or I may have just confused 2 books in my head. At any rate, I probably should have done a bit more research before signing up; because right now, me and cliffies So when I got to the end of this book Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long for the next one. I had almost no complaints about the actual writing, I only saw a couple of teeny, proofy things The story flowed well, the back and forth between the character POV's were integrated in such a way that made sense, it was a tad predictable, but rock stars, you know?!?

I really liked the song lyrics and behind the scenes tidbits of the music business. The characters behaved as you'd expect them to LOL, read the book, you'll understand it! Anyway, 3. And thank you again to all who had a part in making sure I got a copy of this book to review!

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Dangerous Hearts is the first book that I have read by K. I most certainly won't be making it my last! Of course, in DH we have a bad-boy rocker, Wolf, who is naturally sexy as can be! He doesn't do relationships, only one-night stands. Typical rock star, right? We all know what happens when you jump on that train don't we girls? Letting someone in means letting them see all of me-the damage, the hurt, the pain, the bitterness I have toward life beyond the music. Lyric, whic Dangerous Hearts is the first book that I have read by K. Lyric, which by the way, is the best female character name that I have ever come across in my years of reading!

She was recently crushed by her now ex boyfriend who is also in a band. Hence why she has it in her mind that bad-boy rockers are a bad idea! That is all about to change He steals my breath, my heart, and my soul, all in one telling kiss. What carries me through the storms of my life. I personally believe that all things happen for a reason. Maybe that bad-boy rocker isn't who you see in your future because of your past, but don't let opportunity walk right by.

My favorite part was the push and pull between the main characters! Reviewed for KFA Jul 23, Karin rated it it was amazing. Oh wow did I love this book!!! I've never read a book by this author before and I truly have no idea why after reading this. This book kept me engaged from the very first page and didn't let me go till the end. I'm already on pins and needles waiting to read the next one. Lyric is no stranger to the music industry or bad boy rockers and the heartbreak they leave you with so she's immune in a way until she ends up in Wolfs grasp and he's probably the baddest boy rocker there is.

They both try to f Oh wow did I love this book!!! They both try to fight the undeniable chemistry lingering between but, they start to realize it just to much. This story had so much ups and downs and emotion I just couldn't get enough! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book Jun 05, Lorie rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , musician-rock-star. Stars Wow! Totally and pleasantly surprised by this one!!!! Rockstar reads are sacred to me. They have to be done just right and be true to the lifestyle. I don't want fluffy boy meets girl, boy swoons girl, they fall in love, and HEA.

That's hardly ever true. I want real, raw, and true. Dangerous Hearts was real. I loved every single minute of it. It's was everything I love about a great rock story. Be forewarned This is not a standalone. I had no idea. I knew it was part of a series but didn't realize the second book is the conclusion to Wolf and Lyric's story. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. I only have to wait until July, but I'm still flipping out creating scenarios in my mind which isn't always a good thing. July cannot come fast enough.

Her writing is flawless and phenomenal.. And before Gemma knows what's happening, Ty takes her. Steals her away. The unknowing object of a long obsession, Gemma has been kidnapped by her stalker and brought to the desolate Australian Outback.

The Red Pyramid (Audiobook) by Rick Riordan |

Visit her website lucychristopher. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Teen Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A stunning debut novel with an intriguing literary hook: written in part as a letter from a victim to her abductor.

Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review.

Related Searches. Best-selling author Alice Hoffman's luminous tale of nostalgia and enchantment, for readers both young and Best-selling author Alice Hoffman's luminous tale of nostalgia and enchantment, for readers both young and old. Hailey and Claire are spending their last summer together when they discover something at the bottom of the murky pool at the Capri Beach Club. View Product. It was highly enjoyable.

I wanted a good but fun story to listen to.

Your audiobook is waiting…

I found it with this audio book. Although targeted to young teens I really enjoyed the story - full of action, wit and some really over-the-top voices for certain characters. It was great. The narrators were enjoyable and I could envision the two teen heroes of the story. I am looking forward to the next book. I think this book is great and the narrators where fantastic. It was hard not to laugh out load on my commute on the train. I've read every one of Rick Riordan's books, and think with every book he's writting gets better. This is book really brough out my inner child, of course accourding to my wife that's not hard.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mythology and childrens books. Would you listen to The Red Pyramid again? We will be putting this book on our - Will Listen Again, section. Bought this book for a two day hour drive each day car trip with the kids. As soon as the car started back up, she would start demanding that we turn the story back on. What did you like best about this story? The story starts with characters that don't look like everyone else.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - The Lonely Heart (Fade to Grey) w/ Gary Sinise & Daniel Henney

Carter and Sadie are siblings, but they are different. Their family is bi-racial.

The Ballad of Nick and Nat

Carter looks like his father, dark complexion with dark eyes. Sadie looks like her mother, pale skin, her hair the shade of caramel and pale eyes. No one would ever consider them brother and sister and it makes them angry when people ask. Their mother was killed in a mysterious way and the kids were raised apart and very differently.

Carter was raised by his father, a historian, and has to travel the world, always moving, home schooled and doesn't have any friends. She never gets to go anywhere, she becomes rebellious preteen, goes to a boarding school and has several close friends. All of a sudden something happens to their father. So now we have two siblings, who are sort of strangers to each other, nothing in common, who have to try and stop an Egyptian God. Oh yea, and he wants to kill them forgot to mention that earlier.

Just because someone shares your DNA, does that mean you can trust them - with your life? Have you listened to any of Kevin R. How does this one compare? Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Yes, we do want to listen to it all at one time. We are on the second of the series right now. I had to promise my child that I would not listen to it until she gets back from school. This is also I book, she can not listen to at bedtime, not because it's scary, but because she would NEVER go to sleep until it was over. Any additional comments? I wonder if the story would have sounded different better or worse , if the characters would have been able to read their parts they were playing all through the book.

Right now Kevin reads his chapter as Carter and changes his voice for Sadie and Katherine Keller does the same in her chapters as Sadie. Would it not have been better if Katherine could have read Sadie's part throughout.

Police and thieves

The two narrators for this book did a terrific job. As an adult listener, I found the plot a bit confusing with too much action and too many characters for me to keep track of. My year old son didn't have those problems though, and as he is the target audience, I give the book high marks. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Rick Riordan. Narrated by: Kevin R. Free , Katherine Kellgren. Series: Kane Chronicles , Book 1. Length: 14 hrs and 32 mins. Categories: Kids , Ages People who bought this also bought The Silmarillion By: J.

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